The Visit of Boni Pueri in PETROF factory and MUSEUM

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, we were visited by a Boni Pueri choir from Hradec Králové. Accompanied by their teachers Tereza Špuláková and Ondřej Hromádka, the children took the tour of the factory and listened attentively to the interpretation of how the amazing PETROF instruments are made. They saw the work from wood processing to expedition. Their numerous questions proved their real interest in the matter. Because they are children with music education, they had a chance to see, and most importantly play the PETROF grand pianos and the ANT. PETROF premium brand.

Not even the hot weather discouraged them, and with an enthusiasm so typical for children, they headed to the PETROF museum accompanied by Ivana Petrofová and Eva Srnská. Historical specimens of harmoniums, player pianos, upright pianos, and grand pianos obviously attracted children's attention, and the highlight of the program was an introduction of the unique Pianobar with “samohrajka”.